Monday, March 24, 2008

Rongo Mission

"Thanks be to God" for the report Brother William brought back of a successful Mission held in Rongo District from 28th February to 17th March 2008!

Along with CML’s new volunteer Evans Wagoro, and with occasional assistance from local Christian Union (CU) Patrons, a total of 18 Learning Institutions were visited and six Ministry sessions were conducted.

Of the 14 High Schools, 2 Colleges and 2 Primary Schools visited; eight were first time visits for the purpose of introducing the CML Ministry Programs. A favorable response was given by six of these schools, and we look forward to a Ministry Partnership with them in the near future.

Maintaining a very busy schedule during the three week Mission, William was also able to meet with the Rongo District Education Officer, hold meetings with potential volunteers, deliver December Camp Certificates, distribute donated Bible Study materials and attend the wedding of a local Pastor….Whew!!

Below are some highlights and details of this exciting Mission.

Ministry Sessions:

Six ministry sessions as follows:
1. Manyatta Boys’ High School- 7th March
Evans Wagoro ministered on “Repentance”

2. Kanga Boys’ High School - 9th March
Evans Wagoro ministered on "Living a life Worthy of The Calling"

3. Dede Girls’ High School – 12th March
Issues handled: Emotional Problems, Self Esteem and Sexual Purity.

This was group counseling session with all students organized by Madam Carren, Head of Guidance & Counseling Department. William did a short introduction and Evans concluded the session. An Open Question forum was included at the end the session.

4. Owiro-Akoko Girls’ High School - 12th March
Theme: “Attitude and its effects on a person’s life” Session Facilitated by: Madam Carren from Dede Girls’ High School, George Kienga, CU Patron of Kokuro Boys’ High School and William.

5. Moi Institute of Technology (MIT) – 15th March
Evans Wagoro ministered on “Dedication to God- A life of Purity”

6. Mariwa Mixed High School – 16th March
Evans ministered on “Repentance”

CML December Camp Certificates:
Certificates were presented to the December 2007 Camp attendees as the CML Team visited their respective schools. Where they could not meet with the students personally, they left the Certificates with the CU Patrons.

Potential Facilitators & Co-workers:At least 7 High School Teachers involved in the Christian Union and Guidance & Counseling Department in their respective schools, have confirmed willingness to partner with CML Ministry and work with the Schools in the Rongo District. Two of these teachers joined the CML Mission Team on March 12th, as they ministered at Owiro -Akoko Girls’ High School.
Additionally, discussions and considerations to form a ministry partnership with the Missions & Outreach Department of the Christian Union at the Moi Institute of Technology (MIT) were initiated as Brother William held a fruitful meeting with three members of their leadership including the Patron.

Weekend Challenge/Spiritual Weekend:
The Principal & CU Patron at St. Albert’s Ulanda Girls’ School have agreed to consider hosting a Spiritual Weekend Mission early next term in May, since it was not possible this term because of the late opening of schools resulting from post-election violence.

A visit to the District Education Office:
William had an encouraging meeting with the Rongo District Education Officer (DEO) on Thursday 13th March, during which the DEO expressed interest in allowing CML to form a working partnership with the Local School teachers. He further advised on how his office would facilitate the official involvement of the local teachers in the CML ministry to students in the area.

New CML Programs:Information regarding the CML Pen-Pal Program and the Students’ Scholarship Program was discussed with several new schools and all have now expressed interest and approval of the two Programs.

Several parents/guardians of past CML Camp attendees have already signed consent forms permitting their children to participate in the programs, and CML in partnership with the school staff have started the process of identifying potential beneficiaries for the Scholarship Program. Background information on the successful applicants will be posted soon.

CML April Students’ Camp/Seminar:
Tentative Camp venue and dates: Kanga Boys’ High School, from the Tuesday 15th to Sunday 20th April 2008. Due the delay in schools opening this Term, some schools may not close for April vacation, others may only close for very few days, or extend this term’s academic period. Depending on these factors, we may, or may not be able to proceed with the April Camp.

Pending Missions:
The following two sessions were to be conducted by Evans after Williams return to Nairobi:

1. Sigiria High School – 26th March 2:30-4:30pm
2. Rongo Health Centre–22nd March 2:00-4:00pm. Evans Wagoro had a wonderful time when he ministered to the youth on Sexual Purity. He confirms it was a success.

Additional Ministry Activities
While in the Rongo area, William also took the opportunity to meet with leaders from Glory Community Ministry (GCM). This local ministry, which is comprised of three local churches and six Pastors, is dedicated to sharing the love and transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Towards this objective, they work diligently in developing community programs, both locally and beyond.

A gracious donation made by the Women on Mission from Rocky Point Baptist Church in TN, was given to the GCM churches providing them with Bible study materials suitable for adults, teens and children. The Pastors and congregation were thankful to receive these items and excited to put them to use in assisting with their small home group Bible studies.

An additional donation of t-shirts (given by John Smyth) was distributed to area students, GCM Pastors, church members, and members of the Kitere community.
Of special mention, was the blessing William received attending the wedding of one of GCM's Pastors. Pastor Duncan, and his bride Grace, were wed at Kitere Glory Community Church on March 2nd, with the entire community turning out to help celebrate the joyous event!
We thank you for your continued prayers and support, and for each accomplishment, we give Glory to God!

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter,
Denise Davenport

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rongo Mission Update

Dear Friends of CML,

It is with great joy that I relay the following report from William as he continues visiting and ministering to the schools in the Rongo District.

To date he has been able to visit 13 schools and has had 6 schools confirm dates for the CML Team to return and conduct "on-campus" ministry. Confirmed schools and dates so far are as follows:

Moi Institute of Technology March 5th
Manyatta Boys High School March 7th
Kanga Boys High School March 9th
Mariwa High School March 9th
Owiro Akoko Girls High School March 12th
DeDe Girls High School march 12th

As you know, following the post-election violence in Kenya the schools in this area have faced tremendous challenges. Their opening 1st Term was delayed over one month and many students and teachers were personally affected, some being forced to transfer to new schools. There has been much for them to cope with, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Please continue to pray for William, Peter and Evans as they take the "good news" of the Gospel to these schools and endeavor to encourage and counsel students and facilitators.

We give thanks for all God is doing and we know that only He can comfort and heal the wounds left by this recent tragedy.

Thank you also for your continued partnership with us, both in prayer and financial support, and for supporting the Vision God has given the CML Ministry Team.

Peace and Love,
Denise Davenport